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Warwick Davis - President


I helped to co-found Little People UK in 2011 and am honoured to have been asked to be their Patron. I am very involved with the day to day running of the charity along with my wife Sammy who is another co-founder and the current Chairperson. We have two children, Annabelle and Harrison who both have SED. 

As a family, we face and overcome challenges daily, and we will continue to use this experience to educate and help others.

LPUK has come a long way since its inception 5 years ago and still has big ideas and great ambition for the future. Our ultimate goal is always to help people with dwarfism, their families and friends. 

Sam Davis - Chairperson

sam davis

I dreamt of setting up a group to help people with dwarfism and their families when our first baby, Lloyd was born in 1991. From birth, he was very poorly with 'double dominance' - he had inherited my Achondroplasia and my husband, Warwick’s, Spondylopiphyseal Dysplasia Congenita (SED). At that time, the doctors had very little information and, despite their best efforts and excellent care, Lloyd sadly died when he was just nine days old. It was such a shock to us and our whole family, and from that moment, I was determined to find out more about dwarfism, not only to help us with future pregnancies, but also the wider community - I didn’t want others to have to experience the heartache that we had.

Because Warwick is well known, we are always contacted by little people themselves and new families looking for help and advice. For twenty-two years, we have been meeting up with new parents and listening to the questions and worries they have about their child.

I now have two children, Annabelle (19) and Harrison (13), who both have SED. As a family, we often go to Little People of America’s (LPA) National Conference. We all have such a great time at the event and come away with such positivity and a wealth of information - it makes us all proud to be short. The ethos of LPA, combined with my own experiences of starting a family, inspired me to found an equivalent organisation in the UK, and Little People UK was born. That was nearly five years ago, since which time we have seen our numbers grow, held four national conferences of our own and are a registered charity in England.

Little People UK is about supporting the whole family, and not just the individual with dwarfism. I want Little People UK to be for there for everyone.

I hope you find this website useful, informative and positive.

Ray Griffiths – Vice Chairperson

ray griffiths

My name is Raymond Griffiths and I was born with the condition Achondroplasia to Average Height parents and I have a brother who is also Average Height.  

I started work as a Landscape Gardener and then went on to become an Actor.  

I joined LPUK in 2012 because I believe in their ethos of being an all encompassing Charity for the whole family. Giving positive and friendly support not only for the family but also the extended family.  

I am married to Sarah who is Average Height and we have a son who also has Achondroplasia. 


Paul Donno - Treasurer

paul donno

I am an average height parent of Katie Donno (16) who has hypochondroplasia, married to Jenni and we have another daughter Jade both average height.

I run my own accountancy practice specialising in small and medium businesses.  LPUK has given so much support to Katie as well as us as a family that I wanted to give back to the charity by offering to help with the finances and policy issues.

I have experience with being part of a committee, I am current Chairman of Haverhill Chamber of Commerce and a Suffolk ambassador for business.

I am honored to be the treasurer of the Charity in these very exciting times so we are able to support many more families like ours. 

 Donna Bonner

donna bonner

Hi I'm Donna Bonner and I was born with achondroplasia to average height parents. I also have an older brother who is average height. With a milestone Birthday of 40, I took the plunge to attend my first convention for Little People and haven't looked back since. 

In the Dwarf Sports Association I met my husband, Pete who also has achondroplasia. Through Pete's acting profession I got to know Sam and she 'persuaded' me to join the committee of the then newly formed LPUK.  

My height has shaped the person I am, through the wonderful opportunities it can afford to the personal grief of losing babies due to double dominance. My professional career as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist for the NHS has been enhanced with an understanding of difference. I believe it can't be underestimated the psychological impact of belonging to an association can have on people's self confidence; through sharing stories, overcoming challenges, working together and laughing at the situations we often find ourselves in. 

I hope that as LPUK continues to grow we can further build on our support offered to families and people with dwarfism.

 Emma-Jayne Belcher

emma jane belcher

Hi my name is Emma, I am a Little Person with Achondroplasia. I am the only person with dwarfism in my family. I am 20 years old and currently work in retail. I also have a real passion for dressmaking and sewing with the dream one day of making and designing clothes for Little People. 

I have been a member of DSA since I was 5 years old. When LPUK was formed by Sam I jumped at the chance to attend and be apart of it and I have never looked back since.

My role within the committee is organising events and socials for our youth members.

I am really pleased to be part of the LPUK Committee and look forward to all the great things we have planned for 2016. 

Paul Hinton 

Committee Paul HintonMy name is Paul Hinton and I was born with the condition Achondroplasia to Average Height parents.

When I left school I my first job was in a Keyboard shop where I demonstrated and taught people to play the Keyboards / Electronic organ. Since then I have toured Europe appearing in many different Circuses as a Clown and many speciality acts. I’ve also appeared in many Pantomime’s, TV Work and Films. 

For the last 20 years I now run my own successful business manufacturing and supplying Windows for Panel Van Conversions and speciality leisure vehicles.www.leisurevehiclewindows.co.uk

I joined LPUK in 2012 because I believe in trying to support other people/ families with forms of Dwarfism and giving my personal input, knowledge, enthusiasm and support to help this wonderful charity.

I’m married to Dawn Hinton who is average height and have two step children.

LPUK is now a major part of our life and we are proud to be members of this up and coming charity. 

Dawn Hinton

Dawn LPUKMy name is Dawn Hinton and I am of average height who’s married to Paul Hinton with the condition Achondroplasia and have two grown up children of average height.

My jobs in the past include working in Social Care and Health which I did so for 20 years also as a Community Champion in charge of Fund raising and Customer assistant for Tesco’s.

I’m now a housewife and work in our family business Leisure Vehicle Windows manufacturing and supplying Windows for Panel Van Conversions and speciality vehicles.

I joined LPUK in 2012 because I believe in trying to support and help people/ families with forms of Dwarfism. This wonderful charity is close to my heart and enjoy being part of the LPUK team / committee / family in which my job is to raise awareness and help fund raising.

I’m proud to be a part LPUK - this wonderful charity!

 Hayley Burroughs

 hayley burroughs







Denise Walker 

Denise LPUK

As an Average Height Mother of a grown-up Daughter with Acondroplasia, I have always been aware of the challenges facing Little People.

The formation of this Charity has helped so many people and all their family members and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful Organisation.

My Husband, Stuart, and I deal with the Merchandising which raises awareness of Little People UK.

 Jay Lusted 

Jay Lusted

My name is Jay Lusted and I was born with the condition Diastrophic Displasia to average height parents and I have a brother who has the same condition.  

I'm an actor, TV presenter, teaching assistant and inspirational speaker living in Wales with my wife Chloe who is average height. 

I've been a member of LPUK since 2012 and I'm honoured to be a committee member of this phenomenal charity who believes in everyone not just little people but their families and friends too. I'm so excited to be part of the journey with what I call my extended family. 

Stuart Walker 

Stuart LPUK

My name is Stuart and I am a Retired IT Engineer. I am married to Denise Walker, who has a grown up daughter with achondroplasia. 

I support LPUK by managing the merchandise requests and day-to-day financial matters. I help out at all LPUK events, providing manual assistance and often volunteer my services for transporting attendees to and from the event locations. 

I am Proud to be a part of LPUK.

Simeon DyerSimeon Dyer

Hello my name is Simeon Dyer and I was born with Achondroplasia. I'm a 20 year old student currently in my 3rd and final year at university studying performing arts. Like most other dwarfs I am the only dwarf in my family.

I joined LPUK 3 years ago and before that I hadn't really met any other dwarfs. The charity has helped me in so many different ways from finding out more about my condition to making life long friends. 

The reason I wanted to join the charity's committee was to give something back to the charity after it has given me so much.

Lifetime Honorary Member

Peter Burroughs

peter burroughs


Rebecca Nuttall – Charity Administrator

Hello, my name is Rebecca and I live in West Yorkshire, I have a form of Dwarfism called Diastrophic Dysplasia.

Before volunteering as Little People UK Secretary I completed a degree in Forensic and Analytical Science and I am hoping to study a Masters in this subject, in the near future.

I joined LPUK in 2012, to meet other people with dwarfism. Since joining I have met so many different people and had some amazing experiences that I will never forget.

Little People UK is full of many positive people, from all walks of life and is there for everyone.

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