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Little People UK are hugely grateful to everyone who has raised funds for us over the past 4 years, you have undertaken various activities, such as; bike rides, fun days, cake sales, dress down days and much much more. LPUK relies solely on funds raised, to help us provide the support and friendship we aim to offer. 

Over the past year, these funds have helped LPUK by:

- Developing our new website

- Creating awareness documents such as leaflets, contact cards and videos

- Employing a Charity Administrator, to undertake the everyday tasks required to ensure the charity runs successfully

- Holding two annual events

- Arranging number of other smaller events throughout the year

- Inviting medical consultants and physiotherapists to our convention to help offer medical support

Over the next year and beyond we want to develop things further, by providing more support to those who need it and so we really do need this fundraising to continue. Below are the current fundraisers, raising funds for LPUK, followed by various ideas on how you can help...thank you! 

Kay Kelly

Throughout the year, Kay Kelly is holding a number of different fundraisers for LPUK

Sonia and Danny 

Running the Superhero Run on 14th May, 2017

Erin Smith

Undertaking a Bikeathon on Sunday 14th May 2017

Danielle Webb

Organising a Family Funday in September


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