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Little People UK have developed a video to raise awareness of the attention people with dwarfism, and disablities face in everyday situtations. 

People with disabilities, in particular those with dwarfism, encounter looks and stares from people, it's human nature. Children in particular find little people fascinating, often reacting quite vocally. Out of embarrassment, parents try to defuse the situation, but this isn't always in a positive way, which then makes children 'scared' of people who are different. When they only wanted to be treat like everyone else.

Little People UK would like to raise awareness and help people initiate a conversation instead of just staring.


In July, Little People UK delegates attended the 61st Little People of America National Conference, in Orlando, learning lots and making some great new connections to help develop LPUK in the future and continue to fully support our members. 

The LPA National Conference schedule was filled with lots of workshops and activities, all designed to provide delegates with medical knowledge, social support, equipment information and chance to meet others from around the world. 

LPUK member Danielle Webb is holding a night of entertainment on Saturday 13th October 2018, checkout the poster below for all information. 

A Night In The Spotlight

If you want to stop overnight, the hotel where LPUK representatives are stopping over is Premier Inn, Somerset

If you want any more information, please contact Danielle directly. 

Convention newsLittle People UK recently held their 7th Annual Convention, at Leicester Marriott Hotel, and what a great weekend it was. 

We had almost 300 attendees, including 16 new families, many people attending for their second or third time and some people who have been right there from the beginning. 

We were delighted to see everyone, young and old, new and not, we hope everyone had a great time socialising in a safe environment, making new friends, new memories and finding answers to some questions they may have had for a long time. 

There were lots of activities, workshops and great entertainment, such as LEGO, Laser Tag, Xbox FIFA tournament, cooking workshop and the pinnacle of it all; the 5th Little People UK Medical Panel.

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