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Yaxley Festival 2017Over the weekend of 13th-14th May 2017 LPUK committee members and volunteers had a great time at the Yaxley Festival, raising funds and awareness for LPUK. 

Huge thank you to Yaxley for inviting us and allowing LPUK to be this years charity partners. 

Long standing LPUK member Danielle Webb is arranging a Family Fun Day to raise funds for LPUK and Portishead Youth Centre!
Danielle, 18, who has Achondroplasia, held a successful Family Fun Day back in 2012 and wanted to arrange another to raise funds for LPUK and her local Youth Centre in Portishead, where she also works. 
Check out the poster for more information.
Family Fun Day
Erin Smith

LPUK member Erin Smith will this weekend attempt her bikathon!

Here is what mum Heather has said: 'Erin, 9 years old, has Pseudoachondroplasia. She really wants to fundraise for Little People UK as this charity is very close to our hearts and they support Erin, and the rest of us!

Biking round the running track is hard work for Erin, so this is not as simple as any other 9 year old riding round the track. She is going to try to do 10 laps.

Please help Erin to raise lots of money for LPUK.'

Checkout her JustGiving page to donate. 

Yaxley FesitvalThe weekend of 12th-14th May will be the annual Yaxley Festival who are kindly raising funds this year for LPUK and a local community support group.

There will be stalls, competitions, food and live music. 

The Yaxley Festival is free and everyone is welcome. It will be a great event and we'd love to see you there to support and help represent LPUK. 

dsaThe weekend of 28th April to 1st May once again saw a fantastic array of sporting achievements, with the Dwarf Sports Association UK National Games, in Birmingham. 

There were over 100 competitors of all ages, from all over the UK, who had travelled to take part in the weekends games. 

It was great to see so many people having a fantastic time over the weekend, winning many medals and making many memories. 

Raise Funds to Raise Awareness

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