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We are currently doing a project for the English Federation of Disability Sports to help them understand how to better support people with a range of disabilities to volunteer.

We’re looking for some people speak to about their experiences or interest in volunteering. We’re happy to offer £25 cash / donation (a disability charity of your choosing) to say thank you for your time.

If you volunteer now, used to, or are simply interested, and would be happy to speak to a researcher about your experiences and thoughts please get in touch!

national space centreA great time was had by many at National Space Centre in Leicester this weekend, for the Return of the Garrison Star Wars event. 

It was a fantastic weekend for all Star Wars fans and a brilliant opportunity to raise funds and awareness for LPUK. 

Thank you to everyone who participated, donated and visit us this weekend. 

 Come and join us this weekend at the National Space Centre in Leicester...

Star Wars Day

Little People UK are pleased to announce our Sixth Annual Convention prices...
Note: booking is NOT open, an announcement will be made when bookings can be made.

LPUK fundraiser and supporter Kay Kelly raised a fantastic £193.35 at her recent Afternoon Tea!

KKelly Afternoon Tea CollageKKelly Afternoon Tea Collage 2

Raise Funds to Raise Awareness

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