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Please click on the links below to find growth charts for Achondroplasia - 

Head circumference - female

Head circumference - male

Forum magnum

Growth Chart - female

Growth Chart - male

Height and weight chart - female

Height and weight chart - male


Consideration needs to be taken with newborns who have dwarfism, regarding growth and milestones, and how these may differ from average height newborns, you can view the PCHR insert which offers guidance for when speaking to healthvisitors. 

Dwarfism can be a minefield of information, here are some quick facts to help understanding - 

  1. There are over 200 different types of dwarfism
  2. 80% of people with dwarfism are born to average height parents as the result of a spontaneous mutation
  3. Some forms of dwarfism can be passed on to children, when parents have dwarfism themselves 
  4. A person with dwarfism is typically under the height of 4 foot 10 inches 
  5. There are around 7000 people with dwarfism in the UK
  6. Dwarfism is not just about height, other medical issues can arise due to dwarfism 
  7. Different forms of dwarfism have differing medical issues such as spinal stenosis, hydrocephalus, arthritis and more
  8. Dwarfism can be diagnosed using a number of methods included genetic testing, ultrasound scans and x-rays
  9. Some forms of dwarfism are noticeable at birth, other forms of dwarfism are not noticeable until around 3 or 4 years of age
  10. There is not one single specialist who deals with medical issues around dwarfism, it often takes a team working together 


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