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Below are the nominees to join the LPUK committee, please read before making your selection 



Sam Davis 

I have compassion and empathy which I think are skills which make a good committee member, I would love the chance to give back to the dwarfism community.



Emma-Jayne Belcher

I have been a member of LPUK 2015. I am currently a committee member and have been proud to serve as joint vice chair for the last six months with Simeon Dyer. I have regularly chaired our committee meetings; been involved in all decision making, communications and expenditure. During the challenges of the pandemic I have worked hard to support other committee members. I took on the joint responsibility with Sarah Griffiths to provide line management for Rebecca. This had not been done before. I have been able to use my management skills from my ‘day job’ within the John Lewis Partnership to produce a job description, updated employment contract and a learning and development plan. I have co-chaired Glad Rags & Chat with Belinda which resulted in a collaboration with a British company ‘Snag Tights’ developing a range of hosiery suitable for LP’s along with a donation to LPUK for each pair sold. A few of the extra activities I have been involved in are the youth group activities, family quizzes and helped organise our successful virtual Christmas Party. I would love to continue on the committee during this exciting time of transformation and improvement.

Simeon Dyer

I have the following skills which I feel can be useful as a committee member - 

  • Live event organisation 
  • Online Event organisation and hosting  
  • Taking part and hosting school assembly’s 
  • A good team worker
  • A good listener
  • A friendly positive outlook on life

Let me answer this question from the lyrics of Electricity from the musical ‘Billy Elliot’. 

“ I can’t really explain it, I haven’t got the words. It would be a feeling that I can’t control. I suppose it’s like forgetting losing who you are and at the same time LPUK makes you whole”. 

It all seriousness though, since joining LPUK five or six years ago they have given and offered me so much. Since being on the committee for the last few years it has meant I’ve been able to give something back and I would just love to continue that in the role of the co-vice chair.



Stuart Walker

I have skills of Financial Acumen and I can help the charity.



Charlie McGreal

Throughout my time with LPUK I have undertaken First Aid and Safeguarding training learning a lot in the process, during the pandemic I have co-hosted the LPUK Virtual Film Club. I also have experience of media studies from college. I would love the opportunity to be on the LPUK committee again. I really enjoy interacting with other committee members and feel I can help and support with the organisation of events. I value other people’s opinions and it would mean a lot to me if I could continue to have my thoughts and opinions put to good use. I have made valuable life long friends and love being able to help in any way I can.

Belinda Thompson

I have served on several committees in the past, including charitable ones, disability art forums, student union rep  and resident committees. I worked for Social Services in a variety of roles for over 25 years. I have been on the LPUK committee for 2 years.  These experiences have given me an in-depth understanding of disability equality issues, social care issues, safeguarding, the importance and the right to independent living. i have skills in report writing, employment legislation, charitable law,  problem solving and making presentations. On a personal level, as a person with dwarfism and a parent I appreciate the problems members face and the importance of education and opportunity to help to level the playing field. It would mean I could continue to put my skills to good use as I am retired from paid employment. I wish to help the organisation move forward and wish to encourage other members to become involved and become the committee members of the future.

Colleen Ewart

I’m Colleen an average height mum to Alex who has SEDC. I have been a member of LPUK for 5 years. I have really enjoyed being part of the committee and feel so proud of all that we have achieved particularly during the pandemic. Our move to virtual committee meetings has provided the opportunity to get so many important jobs done. I have been responsible for developing our yearly business plan, monitoring our progress and contributed to our new style annual trustee report. These processes are so important for potential funders who want to see clear structure, organisation and forward planning. I have been a member of several ‘working groups’ e.g. developing the training module for The Royal College of Midwives, budget forecasting and governance processes for the Charity Administrator role. I also host the monthly Book Club meetings. I love gathering together the prizes for our raffles and as Warwick likes to quote, ‘it’s a chance for me to get rid of my old tat as well’. We’ve come so far in the last 18 months but there is still a great deal to do and I would love to keep contributing as a committee member. 

Annabelle Davis

Art can provide the opportunity for people in the dwarfism community to express themselves. I’d love to share the experience and process with others. With graphic design I can assist with multimedia for the charity both digital and print, keeping the iconic branding accessible and engaging for everyone. Especially for fundraising and reaching new families. As an actor, I have learned that team building is helpful for people to build and cement relationships with one another. I’d love to talk to and help young people in the dwarfism community gain confidence. 

Denise Walker

As a long standing member of the LPUK Committee, I have 55 years experience of Dwarfism and 50 years as mother to a daughter with Achondroplasia and grandchildren with SED. I also have 2 AH children. It’s heartwarming to watch the growth of confidence and self-esteem of dwarfs and their families.

LPUK has come a long way in 10 years and the future is exciting with so much more to do for our members who are spread all over the UK and I think the way forward is to have sub-committees in different areas to involve as many families as possible.

Andy Moyes

I work for a RNIB managing 150 volunteers, a lot of this work involves organising events and giving presentations, as does my voluntary work with the Lions Club of Ivybridge. I volunteer as Safeguarding Governor at my local Primary School and I am a Trustee of Morevision. I am also a practicing trainee youth counsellor in my final year of my counselling diploma. A huge part of my volunteering work involves fundraising, I raised £1300 for LPUK by holding an auction, as well as more than £1000 of commercial sponsorship for the Lions Funday event this year. I have vast experience in talking to the media, TV, radio and printed media about my charity work. My educational background is in Children and Youth Studies, in which I have a 1st class honours degree from the Open University. I see this as a chance to pay back some of the amazing things that LPUK has done for me. The charity changed my life when I found out about it, and this is my way of saying thank you. If I can do something to change another little person's life in the way my life was changed, then I'll just be overjoyed.

Jess Hornsey

I am 28 and have hypochondroplasia. I am the only LP in my family; my husband and daughter are average height. I work in my local infant school as a teaching assistant and midday supervisor. I have been a member of LPUK for almost 3 years and before joining I had never met anyone like myself. Joining LPUK has changed my life. Meeting other people in the dwarfism community has helped develop my knowledge of the range of conditions. Being part of LPUK has already given me confidence and helped me to accept who I am. I have been raising awareness in my local community and schools about dwarfism to help children and adults understand a little bit more about what dwarfism is and how it affects us all in different ways. I produced a PowerPoint presentation and shared this within my community. The committee have been so encouraging and supportive towards my efforts raising funds and awareness that I would really like to be a part of this team. I would like to put my time and energy into helloing LPUK move forward and give something back to the charity that has given me so much.

Laura Smith

My reasons for applying for a position in the committee are: I have experience of being on a working committee (Chair Person for Buddies Children's Centre) Life experience as a person with dwarfism and the  challenges this holds. I am a parent of two average height children (one of whom has ADHD). I have experience as a trained nursery nurse supporting children of all abilities. Being able to understand the anxiety and anticipation in bringing my family to an LPUK convention and having that content feeling of walking through the doors knowing what LPUK means to us and what it does for our family. I want to give back the support and knowledge that we received when we arrived at our first convention, I would to help give this experience to current and new members. I want to spread the word about our conditions and the invaluable work LPUK does.

Charlie Kingsley-Jones

I have skills of website development, marketing and social media, PR and representation, photography and videography. I would like to join the committee to further bring closer understanding between people with dwarfism and average height folk. Expand the message and mission of the charity to the enzr generation. 


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