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Here is a positive story of two young LPUK members Alex and Ethan, told by their mum Teresa…

Benji Eagle

In this photo is Alex, 8, our amazing LP, (with Benji; he’s a bald eagle - they are pretty amazing too), and Alex’s brother, Ethan,7, worthy of a mention as he’s definitely amazing. 

We asked our boys today what they wanted this story known as and it didn’t take long - Be the change you want to see in the world.

Alex has had a few operations on his legs to date. On the way home from his most recent operation, he asked us - How can I help children like me? We had been thinking about this a lot over the years and have thought about it again, but with Alex, talking to him.  

One way we knew that he could help to do something really positive for children like Alex, was to help children much less fortunate than himself. To demonstrate, that even when it can be that bit harder, you really can ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ 

By making an application and getting people to vote (no money was required from anyone, just a few minutes of people’s time), Alex with help from Ethan, secured £25,000 for EACH of two children's charities, one for children at the end of life and another for disabled children who will benefit from hydrotherapy.


We have been told that an extremely important person in our lives, wants to donate to LPUK. Because Alex really does demonstrate that he may be small, but he has done something really quite big. And something very positive. He really is unique. And this in a big way is how we think about LPUK.


Alex and Ethan also raised £25,000 for a hydrotherapy pool at East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice

”This project was Alex's idea. Although facing challenges of his own, Alex wanted to demonstrate that he may be a little person but he can do something really big for children and their families, who are often facing an unimaginably difficult time. It just shows that even when life is that bit harder for yourself, you really can make a positive change in the world.’


Alex and Ethan have recently fostered four mice from Wood Green, here is what they had to say - 

Alex, aged eight, from Cambridgeshire came with his brother Ethan to collect our four Smice girls – Mel B, Victoria, Geri and Posh in February half-term.  Mum, Teresa, is looking forward to fostering the four mice until they find their second chance home: 

“Alex has always loved animals, especially mice and he’s the reason we looked into fostering.  We are so proud of him and his positive attitude that little people can do big things.”

Thank you Alex and Ethan – your generosity will help to socialise our minxy mice and means we can help even more animals that need our care.  Find out more at littlepeopleuk.org - a fantastic organisation promoting a positive future for people with dwarfism.

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