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On Feb. 11th, 2014, I returned home to Texas, from North Carolina and decided it was time to do something about my eating habits… I wanted to lose a lot of weight! I was determined not to join any program that I would have “to pay” for.. like Weight Watchers, Nutri System, Jenny Craig, and certainly not think about any of the weight loss surgeries.

It always seems that when you work so hard to lose the weight, and spend your hard earned money, those pounds always “resurface!” I made up my mind, I was ready for a healthy lifestyle change… I was going to lose a lot of weight… and I was going to do this totally on my own.

And so my journey began… And this has worked for me!

I made up my own diet. I stopped eating all fried foods, breads, prepared foods, oils/fats, cream sauces/marinades, and desserts. Portion control is very important, so I have a thermal cup, a ceramic dish and a small bowl… my food must fit in one of those three.

I eat a lot of ground turkey, or turkey, fish or grilled chicken. I don’t eat beef, but I have had one 4 oz. steak in two years! I don’t cook with any oil/fat, I only use Pam. I mixed together my own seasoning of granulated garlic, pepper, and sea salt. I stir fry a lot using several different fresh vegetables, and alternate the ground turkey, chicken, and sometimes shrimp..

When I am in Texas, I have access to Walden Farms Dressings/Marinades, Dips etc.. they have no calories, no sugar, no fat.. and they are delicious. I use the Asian dressing on my stir fry and it is excellent! 

I alternate between three different breakfasts

  1. ½ cup 2% milk, ½  cup cheerios, ½ banana
  2. Omelet.. egg mixed with a little 2% milk, I  sauté 2 sliced mushrooms, ¼ piece onion, 1 mini colored pepper. Add to omelet. Before folding omelet I add ½ veggie cheese.
  3. ½ cup yogurt with granola on top (Honey/Oats)

I buy Dannon Lite & Fit Greek Yogurt and mix it with Instant Oats, little bit of 2% milk, 2 ½ sliced bananas, ½ pkg of blueberries. (You can add any fruit you desire!) Mix that altogether, to a smooth consistency and it makes 2 full containers. Greek yogurt is much thicker and the oatmeal thickens it too, so I add some milk. Once refrigerated, it will thicken a bit. Two containers will make 8 breakfasts. This is very good!

I love cabbage, and I make a large pot of cabbage soup once a week! I add several vegetables.. almost like a vegetable soup, but the cabbage stands out and for me it is a great diuretic. Almost every night I have a cup, and to it I add maybe a handful of ground turkey, or chicken.. maybe some plain brown rice, or ½ pkg of ramen noodles. Celery, onions, carrots, mushrooms (lots), one large can of petite diced tomatoes, green beans, peas, and cabbage (about ½ head) Season however you like…

My only starch is brown rice, quinoa, and 1.2 pg of ramen noodles; to which I add my seasonings.


  • I eat 3 fresh fruits a day…
  • Sugar free jello with bananas or fresh peaches (in season)
  • Sugar free/fat free pudding
  • Sugar free fudsicycles
  • Frozen sugar free yogurt
  • Several of Allison Warrell’s from H.E.L.P. (Health and Exercise For The Little People)

After I lost 50 pounds, I went to see my heart doctor to make sure I was in very good health. After all my tests were completed, he was smiling and gave me the biggest hug and this is what he said…

“Barbara, you have just lost a “50 pound bag of dog food!” Can you imagine carrying that around all day long? Every time you think about gaining one pound back… think of that bag of dog food! And be proud of what you just accomplished!” 

Every day I think about that bag of dog food….

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