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Expenses Policy

Statement of intent 

  • Committee members and employees of Little People UK (LPUK) are entitled to claim reasonable expenses incurred, whilst undertaking LPUK trustee duties, voluntarily or employee responsibilities as part of their employment with LPUK. 
  • We are committed to ensuring that no committee member carries out their trustee duties at a financial loss, as a result of expenses incurred when volunteering and undertaking trustee duties for LPUK. Keeping in line with national standards of good practice in supporting volunteers.
  • We are aware LPUK committee members undertake activities that involve unpaid time and incur costs, to fulfill their LPUK trustee duties. We will reimburse all reasonable committee member expenses incurred through carrying out trustee activities that comply with the following policy. 


  • This policy aims to clearly indicate which expenses will be reimbursed and the process of how this would occur. 
  • This policy covers ALL LPUK committee members and employees. 
  • It does not cover expenses for supporters, members or people participating in user involvement activities. 
  • It does not cover committee member or employee expenses for events, such as the Little People UK Annual Convention or Little People UK Birthday Celebrations.


1. Before making an expense claim

  • Prior to making a claim for expenses, please check that the expenses being claimed for:
    • Were a necessary expense incurred as a result of undertaking their role as an LPUK committee member/employee
    • Are reasonable, and were made using the most cost effective method available
    • Had prior approval from the Chairperson and Treasurer
    • Occurred within the last 30 days 
    • LPUK will reimburse committee members/employees for travel to and from; organised committee meetings. As well as any travel undertaken as part of a committee members/employees role, including travelling to different locations, meetings (e.g. accountants, website, support, schools etc.), trainings and external events. 

2. Types of expense claims

a. Public Transport

  • Expenses for travelling on public transport, standard class only, on behalf of LPUK can be claimed 
  • Including: bus, coach, train, tram, ferry and where appropriate, air travel
  • Any trustee, who would like to travel by first class, can pay the extra amount him or herself. Under no circumstances will this will be reimbursed.
  • Where possible, trustees should book tickets as far in advance as possible, making use of concessions, special offers or discounts
  • We are unable to reimburse the purchase of any form of season ticket or rail card for example; young persons, senior or disability rail cards – these are classed as a taxable benefit by HMRC, as they can be used for other journeys outside of LPUK purposes  

b. Taxis 

  • When planning to use a taxi, it would be useful for committee members/employees to provide a quote or estimation to the LPUK Chairperson and Treasurer in advance, for approval (if deemed necessary, referring to the whole committee, for further discussion). 

c. Driving private vehicles

LPUK will reimburse the cost of travel, using private vehicles, at the following set mileage rates:

Mileage rates:


40p per mile


24p per mile


20p per mile

  • Parking costs, toll and congestion charges can be claimed, where necessary. 
  • Under no circumstance will LPUK reimburse the cost of parking fines or speeding tickets 

d. Food and Drink 

  • In the instance of committee meetings, LPUK will reimburse the cost of lunch up to the value of £10 (unless lunch has been organised in advance)
  • In any instance of volunteering for a full day (7.5 hours) with lunch not being provided, we will reimburse the cost of lunch up to £10
  • Under no circumstances will LPUK reimburse the cost of alcoholic drinks. 

e. Overnight accommodation

  • On any occasion committee members/employees are required to stay overnight, the cost of rooms will be reimbursed up to a value in the range of £50 - £200 (location dependent) to be approved by the LPUK Chairperson and Treasurer prior (if deemed necessary, referring to the whole committee, for further discussion). 
  • The cost of dinner for such overnight accommodation will be reimbursed up to the value of £15.
  • If the cost of breakfast is not included within the cost of the hotel room, this will be reimbursed up to the value of £10.
  • Where possible committee members/employees should book accommodation as far in advance as possible, making use of special offers or discounts. 
  • If committee members/employees are required to bring support (see supporter cost bullet poing below) to carry out their committee/employee duties, accommodation can potentially be reimbursed, but must meet approval of the LPUK Chairperson and Treasurer (if deemed necessary, referring to the whole committee, for further discussion). 

f. Supporter costs 

  • We are aware some LPUK trustees require additional support to complete some of their duties. 
  • We will reimburse the cost of subsistence and travel, for support deemed necessary. 
  • This support will vary depending on an individuals needs, but may include; assistance during travel, personal care, a sign language interpreter, translator or a hearing loop. 
  • The necessary support and a quote of the potential expenses (i.e. travel, subsistence, etc.) will be given to the Chairperson and Treasuer in advance, for approval (if deemed necessary, referring to the whole committee, for further discussion). 
  • LPUK will also cover the cost of any equipment required by a trustee in order to carry out their role. 

g. Administration costs

  • Committee members/employees may incur administration costs undertaking their role, for example, making phone calls, printing or sending letters on behalf of LPUK
  • The cost of phone calls, stationary and postage can be reimbursed when supported by receipts and/or an itemised bill. 
  • The cost of furniture, utilities including gas, electricity, broadband/phone lines will not be reimbursed. 
  • The cost of computer equipment will not be reimbursed, except when such computer equipment and/or computer programs are purchased solely to complete LPUK committee member/employee duties.  

h. How expenses are claimed and reimbursements made

  • Expenses will be claimed by returning the necessary LPUK expenses claim form, along with all supporting receipts/documents as proof of purchase to either: 
  • Posted to Little People UK, P.O Box 1292, Peterborough, PE2 2NT or handed directly to the LPUK Treasurer
  • LPUK aim to process all trustee expense claims, including reimbursement of necessary expenses, within 12 weeks of when the form was received. 
  • On any occasion when forms received are incorrect, or necessary information has been omitted, LPUK strive to resolve the matter as soon as possible. 
  • Where the LPUK Treasurer or related parties are claiming expenses, their completed form will be checked and signed by the Charity Administrator. 

i. Claiming expenses 

  • To ensure LPUK committee members/employees are not ‘out of pocket’ we encourage claims for expenses to be made. 
  • We are aware some committee members/employees would prefer not to claim expenses, however to enable a true representation of the running costs of LPUK, including the costs of such volunteers, it is important claims are made and all figures accounted for. 
  • If however, you would prefer not to keep the claimed expenses, it gives the opportunity for committee members/employees who qualify, to claim gift aid to raise funds for LPUK. 

Further information

  • Appendix 1 – Little People UK detailed expenses claim form

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