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Fundraising Policy 


This policy covers fundraising activities and events on behalf of Little People UK (LPUK) undertaken by committee members, volunteers, staff (including staff acting outside their normal working hours).

Legislation and Institute of Fundraising Code of Practice 

  • Committee, volunteers and staff fundraising for LPUK must comply with any LPUK policies/procedures.
  • All fundraising conducted on behalf of LPUK, whether by committee, volunteers or staff, must comply with the Fundraising Regulators: Code of Fundraising Practice and all relevant legislation.
  • It is the charity’s policy for a risk assessment to be carried out during the planning stage of any fundraising event and for a copy of this risk assessment to be kept on file in the office. (See The Little People UK Risk Assessment Policy for more information on this.)

Fundraising enquiries  

  • Full details of any enquiry regarding fundraising, received by a committee or staff member should be reported, by email, to the LPUK committee and Fundraising Team within 7 days of receipt. Whether this be an official registration of fundraising (see below) or otherwise.  

Registration of fundraising activity  

  • Anyone wishing to fundraise for LPUK must register their proposed activity with LPUK by completing the Fundraising Registration Form, which can be found within the LPUK Fundraising Pack which can also be downloaded from the LPUK website (www.littlepeopleuk.org/) Forwarding the completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Little People UK, PO Box 1292, Peterborough, PE2 2NT.
  • Anyone fundraising in aid of LPUK who has not first registered their activity as outlined above, will be deemed to be acting independently of LPUK and, as such, the charity takes no responsibility for their actions and can not fully promote the activity. 

Handling of donations and funds raised 

  • Funds raised for LPUK belong to the charity and, once collected, must be paid over to the charity in a timely manner
  • Cash must be banked and transferred over to LPUK using appropriate details. Cash must not be sent through the post.
  • Cheques must be sent to the official LPUK address. 
  • The handling of donations and fundraised monies must comply with the Fundraising Regulator: Code of Fundraising Practice, section 20.2
  • All funds raised or donations received by LPUK must be reported to the LPUK Committee and Fundraising Team. 
  • The following information must be added to the Fundraising database: 

a. Exact amount of the donation or funds raised 

b. Donations - full details e.g.  

  • Title:
  • Full name:
  • Postal address:
  • Telephone:
  • Email address:

c. Details of whether the donation is an unrestricted donation or whether it has been made for a specific budgeted item or approved special project

 d. Funds raised - full details e.g. 

  • Title:
  • Full name:
  • Postal address: 
  • Telephone:
  • Email address of the fundraiser:
  • Type and date of the fundraising event or activity undertaken:
  • How funds have been received (eg. cash, cheque). 


  • Any committee member, volunteer or staff member accepting cash donations on behalf of LPUK must provide the donor with a receipt and must comply with the Fundraising Regulator: Code of Fundraising Practice, section 20.3.
  • Committee members, volunteers or staff accepting donations of funds or gifts in kind, in person, on behalf of LPUK, must verbally thank the donor on behalf of the charity. 
  • All donations and funds raised must be recorded on the charity’s fundraising database. 
  • A thank you letter will be issued to the donor or fundraiser within 14 working days of receipt of funds, unless the individual has expressly asked not to be contacted or full details (i.e. address) have not been given to LPUK, meaning sending a letter is not possible. 
  • In the case of donations being made by individuals, a Gift Aid declaration form will be sent out with the thank you letter. 

Fundraising by LPUK members 

  • Members are encouraged to undertake their own local fundraising activities, provided these are registered in advance (see above). 
  • Advice, support and resources are available from the LPUK Committee and Fundraising Team, to anyone wishing to undertaking fundraising. 
  • All fundraising undertaken on behalf of LPUK must be branded, using where possible LPUK sponsorship forms and posters etc. Any documentation produced relating to fundraising must display the charity registration number.

Unauthorised activities  

  • It is the policy of LPUK not to engage in house-to-house collections, street fundraising or telephone fundraising.

How to make a complaint regarding fundraising 

  • Anyone wishing to make a complaint regarding fundraising in connection with LPUK must comply with the Little People UK Complaints Policy. 


  • Failure to comply with this policy by LPUK Committee members and staff could result in disciplinary action being taken. 

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