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Risk assessment policy

Policy statement

  • Little People UK believes that the health and safety of its members is of paramount importance. We make our meetings/conventions a safe and healthy place for children, parents and volunteers by assessing and minimising the hazards and risks to enable them to thrive in a healthy and safe environment.
  • This policy is based on a risk assessment process, which follows five steps:

1. Identification of a risk: Where is it and what is it?

2. Who is at risk: Children, parents, siblings etc?

3. Assessment as to whether the level of a risk is high, medium, low: This takes into account both the likelihood of it happening, as well as the possible impact if it did.

4. Control measures to reduce/eliminate risk: What will you need to do, or ensure others will do, in order to reduce that risk?

5. Monitoring and review: How do you know if what you have said is working, or is thorough enough? If it is not working, it will need to be amended, or maybe there is a better solution.


  • Our risk assessment process covers adults and children, and includes:
  1. Determining where it is helpful to make some written risk assessments in relation to specific issues, to inform of best practice, and to demonstrate how we are managing risks if asked by parents and/or carers.
  2. Checking for and noting hazards and risks, indoors and outside, in relation to our premises and activities
  3. Assessing the level of risk and who might be affected
  4. Deciding which areas need attention and developing an action plan that specifies the action required, the time-scales for action, the person responsible for the action and any funding required
  5. Where more than five committee and volunteers are employed, the risk assessment is written and is reviewed regularly.
  6. We maintain lists of health and safety issues, which are checked before the meeting/convention begins and when a full risk assessment is carried out.

Legal framework

  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999)

Further guidance

  • Five Steps to Risk Assessment (HSE 2011)

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