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03/09/2017 11:10am - 11:40am (approx.)                                                                                                                      Meeting at LE19 1SW

Little People UK 6th Annual Convention - Annual General Meeting

Chaired by - Donna Bonner, LPUK Committee member






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Donna Bonner welcomed everyone to the AGM, thanking everyone for attending this weekend, and for attending the AGM.

Review from the chair

Sam Davis gave a brief review of the year; in the past year LPUK has attended the Dwarfism Leadership Summit in Berlin, discussing lots of issues nationally and internationally, held two events for the birthday celebrations; sledging and outdoor activities, also held a murder Mystery Night for older members of LPUK. The LPUK Equipment Loan Scheme is going from strength to strength with LPUK now supporting a number of people with their independence, Sam Davis reiterated the loan scheme is open to all, should anyone require the assistance. It was stated that LPUK delegates attended the Genetic Disorders Leadership Symposium; and was successful in their application for the Jeans for Genes grant to create an awareness video. It was stated that the website was ongoing process, with lots of information for our members and the wider public, this again will be an ongoing process. Sam Davis explained that a number of events are being developed for the next 12 months, to suit all members young and old, including attending the Motability and Naidex roadshows. Members were asked to pass on any ideas in which LPUK can support all. Everyone was thanked for attending. 

Donna Bonner explained that during the meeting there will be voting for minutes from last years AGM, vote for a constitution change, a run down of the accounts, voting for new accountants/independent reviewers and then voting in of the committee/trustees will take place in 3 separate blocks: election of officers, re-election of previous members and election of new members.

Minutes from last years AGM

It was stated that the minutes from last years AGM had been available all weekend, for members perusal. No feedback had been given and it is required that these minutes are voted for; a proposer and seconder for these minutes was requested - 

  • Proposer: Paul Hinton
  • Seconder: Simeon Dyer
  • Attendee vote: Majority voted in favour 

Constitution change

Donna Bonner explained that over the past 12 months the committee had discussed that a maximum of 12 committee members should be officially written in the constitution, to ensure LPUK runs efficiently and successfully. Letters suggesting this change had previously been sent to the membership. It was requested that LPUK members present take a vote on this; a proposer and seconder for this constitution change was requested - 

  • Proposer: Paul Smith
  • Seconder: Lois MacGillvray
  • Attendee vote: Majority voted in favour 

Report and Accounts

Stuart Walker gave an overview of the accounts ending May 2017, stating these had been submitted with the accountants as required. 

Opening balance - 2015/16: £129,688

Closing balance - 2016/17 - £118,930 split between two accounts to protect funds.

Thanks to Fundraisers and generous donations LPUK subsidised last years convention by £17,000 and Birthday Celebrations by £4,000 and Equipment Loan Scheme. 

Everyone was urged to complete a Gift Aid form, which allows LPUK to claim back 25% of every donation made and can be backdated 4 years. 

The accounts have gone to the accountants to prepare for filing with Charities Commission. 

It was stated that a copy of the accounts were available should anyone request these.

A proposer and seconder for these accounts was requested - 

  • Proposer: Belinda Clarke
  • Seconder: Heather Smith
  • Attendee vote: Majority in favour

Independent Examiners appointment

Donna Bonner explained that the LPUK committee request a change of accountants from McIntyre Hudson to Duncan and Toplis. 

*An attendee asked why this change of accountants was being requested? - It was stated that the overall reasoning for this was due to the reduced cost (approx. 60% saving) and the locality of the new accountants is a positive. It was also stated that the accountants work with a wide variety of charities, thus have vast experience in this sector*

A proposer and seconder for changing to these accountants was requested - 

  • Proposer: Sarah Griffiths
  • Seconder: Charlie McGreal
  • Attendee vote: Majority in favour

Election of Officers

Donna Bonner stated that the following Trustees had been nominated for the respective positions on the Committee:

  • Sam Davis as Chairperson
  • Raymond Griffiths as Vice Chairperson
  • Stuart Walker as Treasurer

A proposer and seconder for these was requested - 

  • Proposer: Jon Key
  • Seconder: Paul Smith
  • Attendee vote: Majority in favour 

Re-election of Trustees

Donna Bonner stated that following Trustees had been nominated for re-election on to the Committee: 

  • Denise Walker
  • Emma Belcher
  • Paul Hinton
  • Simeon Dyer

A proposer and seconder for these was requested - 

  • Proposer: Jon MacGillvray
  • Seconder: Heather Smith
  • Attendee vote: Majority in favour

Election of new Trustees

Donna Bonner stated that the following had been nominated as new trustees on to the Committee: 

  • Charlie McGreal
  • Annabelle Davis
  • Sarah Griffiths

A proposer and seconder for these was requested - 

  • Proposer: Collette Haynes
  • Seconder: Paul Smith
  • Attendee vote: Majority in favour

Thanks to retiring Trustees 

Thanks were given to the following committee members for their work on the committee over the past few years: 

  • Donna Bonner
  • Dawn Hinton
  • James Lusted
  • Elizabeth Holland
  • Hayley Burroughs 

Question from member

Donna Bonner raised a question from a member, which had been sent in prior to the AGM; a person from Scotland had requested LPUK travel around the UK with the event location, to allow more members to attend. This was put to those present to discuss.

Members present in the room responded; 

Leicester is a great location with regards to central England, and the LPUK membership as it stands. If possible could the location of the convention be announced earlier, and maybe a subsidy for those having to travel x number of miles to the convention. Although it was agreed subsidising would have to be discussed in great depth. 

The instalments were deemed an excellent idea, and one we should keep for the future. It was discussed that there was a small minority of people in Scotland, so subsidies could be quite minimal. 

It was agreed that Scotland have a very good DSAuk ‘branch’ but this does not allow them access to medical professionals, which is often needed. Many people agreed it would cause more problems moving around every time, especially moving to Scotland. There is potential to move a little further North. 

The committee explained one reason for the location was because the organisers have to travel to the venue for meetings etc. prior to the event, along with giving any necessary training to staff, getting to know the hotel etc. It was agreed that on this occasion the hotel were excellent. 

It was suggested that rather than moving the convention, maybe hold the special workshops in different locations, holding the same workshop multiple times, rather than a different workshop in different locations, thus giving people access to the workshop material. The membership were asked to suggest different locations in their area, to help the committee when arranging these workshops. 

The National Express buses were also discussed, such that they travel around the country picking up from a wide range of places, are accessible. Also, when booked early enough, have cheap offers on tickets. 

In conclusion it was discussed to remain in central England, potentially subsidising those who are travelling great distances and holding workshops (multiple times) throughout the UK. 

Those present were asked if there were any further questions regarding the agenda items discussed. No further questions were asked. 


AGM FINISHED  at 11:40am


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