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Southend Colourthon

This year I am taking part in the Southend colourthon. A 13.1 mile walk around Southend. I will be dividing my funds this year between Southend hospital charitable foundation and Little People UK. Check out my link. Every penny counts. Thank you.


Lucky dip

Kay recently held a lucky dip, with all funds raised going to LPUK; entries were £2 per dip, with the prizes to be won included: Body shop items, Sweet treats, Costume jewellery, Toiletries, Kay's home beauty gift vouchers and more. 

A total of £32 was raised! 

Kay Kelly lucky dip


In 2017 Kay wanted to remind everyone why she supports LPUK -

Many of you ask why I chose to support Little People UK?.....

Some of you may not know my uncy Gee has Achondroplasia, a type of dwarfism. 

Growing up in the 60s and 70s he had a incredibly tough time. Disabilities were not looked at the same back then, and even though people have become more accepting over the years there still seems to be alot of ridicule that surrounds those with dwarfism. This can extremely damaging to an individuals well being as well as those who surround them. 

Little People UK started with the aim to provide support to those with the condition as well as their friends and family. By including family and friends in events such as conventions and fundraisers creates a safe and encouraging environment promoting a positive future for those with the condition. The charity has managed to expand, so they can now provide information on things such as PIP allowance, equipment hire and access to medical specialists. 

There are over 200 types of dwarfism, all come with many ailments, the charity has managed set up an equipment hire scheme allowing members to hire items such as mobility scooters, grabbers and more. 

Little People UK is completely reliant on donations. They receive no other funding. 

With this in mind i have a made it my goal to raise as much money for LPUK in the hope that going foward we can spread awareness of the condition making a more stable, supportive and fairer future. As well as supporting the physical and emotional needs of those with the condition.

Afternoon Tea

Kay has recently organised a raffle; raising £77, and has also arranged an Afternoon Tea in Southend, to raise funds for LPUK.

Kay Kelly afternoon tea

Kay raised a fantastic £193.35 at her recent Afternoon Tea!

KKelly Afternoon Tea Collage KKelly Afternoon Tea Collage 2


Kay Kelly

My name is Kay Kelly, I am 29 years old and from Southend-on-Sea in Essex. I only very recently found out about LPUK. 

I follow Warwick on face book and twitter and saw some posts about dwarfism awareness month last October. I shared the posts during that month and looked a little into the charity having not come across it before. 

I have an uncle who is a dwarf, born 18 months after my dad Uncy Gee is 4ft 2. From a young age I have been very aware of the difficulties Uncy Gee has come across on a day to day basis, whether it be difficulty with everyday jobs around the home that everyone else may take for granted or the outside worlds perception of little people. 

I felt compelled to start spreading the word about LPUK and to help raise funds for them. As well as raising funds and awareness for the charity I am keen to help raise awareness of the condition itself helping to change peoples perceptions.

In February I threw a fundraising event called 'Love for Little People UK' , the event was on Valentines weekend and took place in a local Chinese restaurant. As well as £5 from every ticket sold, I raised funds through a raffle, selling charity merchandise, photo booth donations and Valentines sweetie cones. In total the event raised £843.67.

I am now in training for my next fundraiser the Moonlight Colourthon, an organised 13.1 mile walk around the local town at night, anyone can take part for any (registered) charity they wish to raise funds for. I have opted for a modest £150 goal (but would love to raise more). To donate, please visit my JustGiving page

Once I have completed the Colourthon I will be moving on to my next fundraiser in September which will be linked with Jeans For Genes day. I will be holding a bake sale and raffle within the beauty salon that I manage.

In between all of the different fundraisers I have created a Fundraising Facebook page where I share all the details of my fundraising plans as well as sharing other fundraising ideas, information videos and links.

Kay Kelly collage 

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