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This year Little People UK are lucky to have 10 riders in the 2018 Prudential Ride London, taking part in the London-Surrey100. 

The Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 is to take place on 29th July 2018 and is a 100 mile cycle ride around a specially designed route in London. There is a time limit of 8 hours to complete this event. More official information from the Prudential Ride London can be found here - https://www.prudentialridelondon.co.uk/events/100/

Below are the 2018 riders for LPUK (the list will be completed over time)


Richard Bannister

Hi, I'm Richard Bannister and I shall be cycling the Ride London-Surrey 100 in aid of LPUK. 

I have run various marathons over time including Dublin - twice, Edinburgh - twice, Nottingham, Chester and London along with numerous half marathons, 10k's, 5k's and also a couple of kilomarathons too! 

I'm a serving firefighter for Humberside Fire Service stationed in Grimsby, Lincolnshire  and I enjoy my job immensely. It certainly brings up many surprises as no two days are ever the same! But probably the best part of the job I do is helping people in so many different ways, being there when someone needs our help. 

I have a great family life with my lovely wife Lisa and our lovely son, Joseph. We love to go walking and camping and generally try to have fun as much as possible. 

I'm really looking forward to raising the awareness of Little People UK by undertaking this challenge and will hopefully see some of you during and after the race.

To view Richard's fundraising page click here.


Richard Greenwood 

Hi All, I’m Richard and am delighted to be taking part in Ride London.

I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Sammy Davis and her incredible family over the last couple of years and it is through our friendship that I’ve been inspired to get on my bike and help raise money for LPUK.

I enjoy cycling but am no expert or used to riding long distances. I took part in the shorter 49k Ride London last year which I found to be ok. Just got to do that twice this time!

To view Richard's fundraising page click here.


Gareth Bussey

Hi I’m Gareth and this will be my third time in the Ride-London 100 and my third charity entry. I raised a small amount for LPUK on a separate event in 2016, the 117 mile Wrynose or Bust ride in Lancashire and Cumbria. I’ve known Sam and Warwick for many years, we’re related through marriage, and I wanted to do something to help them with the great work LPUK carries out.

My initial plan was to try for a ballot place and then get sponsorship along the way but that soon changed after I suggested the guys try for a few places in the charity ballot. As they were then successful in getting 10 places it seemed natural that I take one of the places and help fill the others.

The ride on the day will be the end product of months of training for all of us. 100 miles in under 8.5 hours on the day is a big ask but behind the scenes there will be 3,4 or even 5 months of shorter rides building up hours in the saddle.

So if you’re free on the 29th of July come down to London for a day out, see if you can spot our guys on the route and give them a cheer.

To view Gareth's fundraising page click here


Davina Mcmurdo 

hoping to be able to run the London Marathon this year, but didn't get in and thank goodness as my fitness is not as it should be.

I was looking for a new challenge, and as I know Sammy through helping to train the lovely Sherlock I thought the 100 mile would be a great opportunity to try something new.

LPUK is a little known charity and it would be great to be able to help raise awareness and funds for them.

To view Davina's fundraising page click here.


Paul Donno

Before I was 40 which only seems like yesterday I did my first and last Triathlon, now that I am rapidly approaching 50 I wanted a challenge and to raise money for Little People UK a charity very close to our family with Katie my youngest daughter having dwarfism and LPUK supporting her through good and not so good times.

Thinking I am still 21 I thought 100 miles on a bike would be a bit of fun but I now realise I will need to train and get some new Lycra.

To start I have written a book Boring to Soaring and all donations from the book will be part of my gift to LPUK.  If you are donating because you have had a book thank you and I hope you enjoyed it.

To view Davina's fundraising page click here.


Dan and James Pilley

Since opening in Nine Jars in 2016 we have had the opportunity to supported some fantastic causes including St Nicholas Hospice, Project Waterfall and the LGBT Foundation. In July we will be taking on one of our biggest challenges yet cycling 100 miles to raise money and awareness for Little People UK. 

Why we are cycling for LPUK: A friend of ours, Paul Donno of 1 Accounts, suggested the change to us 100 mile cycle. His daughter, Katie, has dwarfism and their family has received great support from LPUK. 

We are crazy you might say. 100 miles on a bike as novices to the sport is going to be tough but seemed easy when agreeing to it after a pint or two! 

So now the training must start, we are building our miles and stamina each week however still have have a long way to go. We are both looking forward to the challenge and crossing the finish line!

To view Dan and James' fundraising page click here.


Mark Hayward 


James Hays

LPUK is close to mine and my families hearts. It’s offered support after my daughter, Edens, diagnosis with Achondroplasia, the most common form of Dwarfism, and more recently great friendships. We value their continued support. 

I’m riding 100 miles between London to Surrey and back again in the now iconic Prudential 100. The course follows the same route as the London Olympic road race course. This holds even more significance as it was the year Eden was born, 2012!

To view Dan and James' fundraising page click here.

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