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Sometimes, but not always, adaptions may be necessary in the house, to make everything accessible.

On some occasions these may be extensive, however on most occasions many things can be reached by the addition of a simple item.


Sometimes reaching the sink is not easy, however this can be overcome by the use of a step. Or you could introduce a tap turner and/or faucet extender to the sink. 

Ideas of these are below; 

Tap Turner

There are a variety of different tap turners, to suit various appliances. 

tap turner with holes tap turner with grips tap turners extendable

Faucet Extender

Some can seem more suitable for children with novelty features, whilst others are aimed at adults. It may also be possible to make your own out of an old plastic bottle. 

faucet extender animals faucet extender crabs  faucet extender coloured  facuet extender make your own


Again, the best way to access the toilet is to use a step. However, depending on the situation, it may be possible to look into having a lower toilet fitted. 


Assistance may also be required when cleaning after using the toilet, some examples of small and major adaptions are below:

Bottom Washers

There are a variety of different bottom washers, to help reach, some more suitable than others. 

Bottom wiper 1 bottom wiper 2  bottom wiper 3 bottom wiper 4

Washing toilets/seats

There are a number of differet types of toilets and seats which may be installed in to a bathroom to aid with cleaning, after the use of the toilet. 


Palma Vita 

Bio Bidet


Bidet Showers

Bidet Showers

Bio Bidet also provide Travel Bio Bidet, which could be useful for some. 

travel bio bidet

Mano Manu

Mano Manu 



Bathing aids

 back washer leg washer


All of the adaptions mentioned above can be found online, by completing a simple search of the key words (in bold). And many things can also be bought from mobility aids shops.

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