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Finding shoes for children with dwarfism can often be difficult, their feet may sometimes be shorter but wider than expected. 

Below are some suggestions for shoes and where they can be purchased, these are recommendations of other parents. 


Kickers shoes 

Walkmates (can be purchased from Marks and Spencer)

Walkmate 1walkmate 2

Ciao Bambi

Ciao bambo

Pepino Pumps

Pepino shoes


Sometimes it maybe necessary to have specialist shoes, or orthotics, below are some places where these shoes can be found. Sometimes a referral from an Occupational Therapist will be needed for these shoes. 



Piedro shoes  


Tomcat shoes

Schein Trainer boots

schein trainer boots


These are just a few different shoes available, and can be purchased from a number of different places, including some independent stores which may provide a wider variety of options. 

north shoes

North Shoes is a recommended company to provide shoes for people with dwarfism; they have a wide range of shoes including wide fitting and ones with ankle support. 


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