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There are a variety of different bikes which can be suitable for a person with dwarfism, some are smaller versions of average bikes and can be bought from the usual places. However some are slightly more bespoke and can be made specific to a persons ‘needs’. 


Tiny Bikes 

These are small beginner bikes, and can be bought in a range of different colours. They have no pedals and therefore improve balance skills when riding. Once the skills of balance have improved, children can then switch to pedal bikes. They are a great starting point for learning to ride a bike. 


amazon tiny bike

Toy r UsHalfords and Decathlon

General bikes which when bought in a smaller size, can be suitable for people with dwarifsm. They can have stabilisers and handle (specifically for younger children) however both of these can be removed once cycling skills have progressed. 

toysrus bike     Halfords trax pedal bike decathlon bike

Frog Bikes and Isla Bikes

These bikes can be bought as balance bikes and also pedal bikes. It may be possible to go from being a beginner to a pedal bike rider, with the same model. 

Frog Bikes 

frog bike tadpole balance    frog bike first pedal bike

Isla Bikes 

isla bike balance bike    isla bike pedal bike

Curtis Bikes

Since the beginning in 1972, Curtis Bikes have specialised in hand-making nothing but off road competition bicycles.

Every frame’s tube set is chosen to suit the rider’s size, weight, riding style, and frame choice, which enables us to build the customer the perfect frame for the job.

When we say handmade we mean handmade; there is no fancy machinery in our workshop only a vice, hacksaw, files, a hand-operated tube bender and a whole heap of passion.

So if a perfectly fitting frame that handles like a dream is what you’re after then talk to the experts at Curtis Bikes and we will build it for you.


Brian Curtis wanted to apply his frame building skills to a noble cause before he hangs up his brazing goggles. Allow us to introduce our new bikes for children with dwarfism.

Curtis Bikes can be contacted via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

curtis bikes


BIME trike

Provide a fantastic sit n ride trike which is great for young children, this can be viewed on the designability website

There are also numerous other pieces of equipment which could be suitable for children with dwarfism. 

Bike Trainer

Cyclops trainers are available from most good cycle outlets, your local bike shop or Wiggle, Halfords and Chainreaction

Basic trainer adaptors, to fit the smaller wheels, can be purhcased online from the above mentioned stores, under accessories. 

 Dwarf Sports Association UK - Bike Loan Scheme

The Dwarf Sports Association UK run a loan scheme, whereby you can hire a bike for your use. For more information, please contact Tim Shephard at DSAuk: 


Polaris Building
Velocity Point
Wreakes Lane

S18 1PN


01246 296 485


07889 922 736


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Charity Number - 1041961

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