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There are a wide variety of chairs available which are suitable for children at home and school. Below are various opitions which may suitable, some are sold at specialist stores, others can be purchased from well known stores within the UK:  


The Breezi range is manufactured in Britain and is one of the most popular paediatric seating systems in the UK. The Breezi High Chair is an easily adjustable high chair that encourages good posture and independence. The height adjustment is achieved by means of simple retaining screws for the seat and the foot rest and, as a result, the chair is suitable for use by children of varying ages. Suitable for use within home and school environments this product is supplied as a flat pack and is easily self-assembled. It is available with a range of useful Breezi Chair accessories.

8. What is a good chair for my child at home and school Breezi chair

These chairs can be found online at The Complete Care Shop.

Tripp Trapp

More than a highchair the Tripp Trapp® is the award winning children's chair from Stokke® available in a wide range of colours and optional accessories. Tripp Trapp® elevates your child to the optimal and correct seating position and is designed to fit right into your table bringing your baby right into the heart of your family allowing her or him to learn and develop right alongside you. It also grows with your child meaning it can be used right into adulthood

tripp trapp highchair

This chair is readily available from Mothercare.  


The Tomcat Science Chair is purpose designed to be an unobtrusive, supportive and fully independent work-chair that is simple and practical to use in a busy mainstream school environment. Its appearance is deliberately similar to a computer chair.

8. What is a good chair for my child at home and school TomCat chair










Fenland Furniture

The seat and back of the chair are made to fit your personal measurements. The chair has an integral footrest and may be made with or without armrests.  Its unique feature, which makes it so suitable for people with restricted growth, is that  it can be raised and lowered using a simple hand control. Thus you can lower the chair for ease of sitting on it and then raise it to the appropriate height for the work surface or desk. Similarly the process can be reversed  for getting off the chair in a dignified way which also avoids any twisting movements that are liable to aggravate back problems. The chairs are available in a wide variety of fabrics and colours.

13. What are good chairs for work Fenland Furniture office chair


Unlike many seats on wheels, a VELA Chair allows a person to use the seat completely independently. The braking system can be operated by the user whilst seated. The High - low controls are positioned to enable independent access in daily life.

Children and young people with achondroplasia have benefited from Vela seats in more ways than one. They are able to participate in everyday activities within the classroom, the dining hall and Science labs independently. The seat is discreet and because of its technology has a degree of kudos which can appeal to young people.

Contact us for your nearest dealer: - Chris Marshall, Country Manager UK, Mobile: 07384 594882, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vela chairs for children





Adapt 200

Our ‘petite’ offering, the Adapt® 200 chair offers superb ergonomics for smalller, lighter users who are often not very well catered for in the general ergonomic chair market. This chair is supplied on a made-to-measure only basis.

13. What are good chairs for work Adapt 200

 Huge supporters of LPUK are Fenland Furniture and Cura Seating, who have provided and adapted many chairs for people with dwarfism, they have attended many of our conventions and would be happy to speak with anyone requiring advice. 

Fenland Furniture 

fenland furniture

Fenland Furniture was established in the early eighties in the Cambridgeshire town of Whittlesey. Our production facility hosts 9000 square feet, primarily manufacturing modern and traditional office furniture. 

In recent years the company has been working with the little people community to support their seating needs, giving them products suitable that are suitable in both the modern office or classroom environment. 

Contact information:

Telephone: 01733 350825

Website: www.fenlandfurniture.com 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Cura Seating 

Cura is a family run company with 28 years experience manufacturing specialist Bariatric chairs from the simplest to the most complex requirements.

“When other companies say it can’t be done, we carry on! We as a company don’t believe it can’t be done. Anything’s Possible! Our expertise lies in highly specialist seating and we often close the hardest cases in the UK! We have designed our Neurological chairs under physio guidance and have followed the needs of our clients, learning from each one. We have designed the most sophisticated Bariatric seating in the world focusing on client requirements such as transfers, leg elevation and pressure relief. We have also designed a solution for Muscular Dystrophy needs such as transfers, pressure relief and the patented electronic lift up arm for side transfers, which can also aid the user to get up after a fall. All of our chairs can be modified on site as conditions change. By doing alterations on site, we can avoid inconveniencing the client by leaving them without the chair. We manufacture and support everything in-house in the UK; design, fabrication, woodwork, upholstery, installation and back up support.”

Contact information:

Telephone: 0870 2421358

Website: www.cura-seating.co.uk  

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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