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On most occasions adaptions are not needed when using toilets, a step may just be needed. Ideas of steps can be found here

Below are some ideas for different potties which may be useful for potty training, for if average sized potties are too high, and some ideas for when children first use the toilet, some may also be useful for when children attend school, if school toilets require adaption. However it is important to allow children to use their own ‘way’ of getting to the toilet to allow them to gain independence. 


potty 1

This travel potty can be purchased from Amazon and Mothercare


potty 2

This more traditional potty can be purchased from Aldi

Toilet seats and/or steps

Combined toilet steps and seat

Toilet steps and seat 1


Toilet steps and seat 2

This toilet seat and steps are more specialised and can be purchased from K W Thearpy Solutions

Toilet Seat

toilet seat 1

This toilet seat can be fitted to an average toilet seat and be placed out of the way when not in use. This can be purchased from Argos. toilet seat 1


Toilet Steps

toilet steps 1

These steps have handles on the sides for support and can be moved around the room to reach the toilet, or even the sink. These can be purchased from Amazon

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