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There are a wide variety of steps; some of which fold up whereas others don’t, there are steps with handles on and some without, some steps are more suitable for one than others.  

Keywords (to search): step, step stool, chair, footstool, stepladder.



Forsiktig; £2.50, non-folding

IKEA Forsiktig 2.50

Bolmen; £4.50, non-folding

IKEA Bolmen 4.50

Trogen; £15, non-folding

IKEA Trogen 15




Step Stool; £8.99, 240mm height

ADDis Step Stool 8.99

*Can also be found in black at Wilko for £5.00*




Small Folding Step Stool; £5.85, 220mm height

Amazon.co.uk Small Folding Step Stool 5.85


Large Folding Step Stool; £8.01, 370mm height

Amazon.com Large Folding Step Stool 8.01




Chrome Step Stool; £19.99

2 Chrome Step Stool




Aluminium Bath Step; £19.95, 200 – 260mm height

CompleteCareShop.com Aluminium Bath Step 25.95


Metal Step Stool; £19.95, 240mm height

CompleteCareShop.com Metal Step Stool 19.95


Bath Step Stool with Handrail; £34.95, 260mm

CompleteCareShop.com Metal Step Stool with Handrail 44.95


Bath Step; £16.95, 100mm

CompleteCareShop Bath Step 16.95

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