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Here is some infromation which may help when enquriring where to get a wheelchair, suitable for someone with dwarfism.  

Services that may help when requiring a wheelchair (including funding) 

Wheelchair Services with the NHS - Provide wheelchairs (funded by the NHS) to adults and children:

1. A referral from a doctor, consultant, Occupational Therapist would be required, before

2. An assessment is arranged, which requires ‘criteria’ to be filled. (This may be turned down in the first instance, but appealing could prove successful)

Voucher scheme

If the above wheelchair isn’t suitable, local areas ‘may’ offer the voucher scheme. This would be to the value of the wheelchair suggested by the NHS wheelchair services, but could be used towards another more suitable wheelchair.

National Wheelchair Managers – may provide information on which area’s offer the voucher scheme

Local Authority Contact – provide contact details of local authorities 

Access to work - may help provide equipment if a person needs it to access their working environment. Wheelchairs, if needed to work, may be provided.

Wheelchair providers

Not funded

Bromakin – make wheelchairs for people with dwarfism and have experience of providing chairs for both children and adults.


Partly funded

Wheels for Martin’s friends – charity that was started to help raise funds to provide a wheelchair for Martin.

When Martin died, it was decided to continue raising funds and provide wheelchairs for others in similar positions. The wheelchairs are mainly electric.

Mobility Trust – originally setup to provide special road vehicles for severely disabled people; needs have changed to require help with funding. Now the charity helps provide wheelchairs for disabled adults and children. The wheelchairs are mainly electric.





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Disabled Living Foundation – provide impartial advice, information and training on independent living.

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