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Why join LPUK?

LPUK Membership, will ensure you are kept up to date with all LPUK notifications including: details of events, workshops and activities and news. Along with access to any other LPUK resources being developed.

You will also have the opportunity to attend various LPUK events throughout the year at a discounted rate. These events include the two annual LPUK events; The Little People UK Birthday Party - a celebration of LPUK and all of our members, and the Little People UK Annual Convention - informative discussions with medical and educational practitioners, fun activities and a great time for socialising. We plan to organise a number of other events throughout the year too.


How long is my membership valid?

LPUK membership is valid for one year. You will be contacted close to the renewal date and given the opportunity to renew your membership for another year.


How much is my membership?

LPUK Memberships is £5 per person. 


How can I become a member of LPUK? 

There are two ways to become an LPUK member; you can complete the online membership form and payment which will send your details immediately to LPUK. Or you can download our membership form, complete and return to LPUK, making payment on one of the ways suggested on the form, this may take a few weeks for your details to be added to LPUK. 

Please do read the guidelines for completing your membership, and please make sure you fill out details for everyone in your family who is to become an LPUK member. 


Complete your membership online

Download our Membership Application Form


How can I help LPUK?

If you would like to hold an event for members close to where you live, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. where we can assist, and also advertise this to all our members within LPUK, some of which will be in your area. 

You may even wish to undertake a fundraising challenge for LPUK. We are hugely grateful to everyone who has raised funds for us by completing a wide range of activities, such as; bike rides, fun days, cake sales, dress down days, bag packing and many more. LPUK relies solely on funds raised and over the past year, these funds have helped LPUK by allowing us to develop our new website, create awareness documents, hold a number of different events, and invite medical consultants and physiotherapists to our convention to offer support to our membership. More information about how to fundraising can be found on our Fundraising page.


We collect and process all personal data in line with the Data Protection Act 1998, there is more information about this on the Data Protection Statement at the end of this form.

If you would not like your information to be used in any way suggested in the Data Protection Statement, or you require further information about this, please contact us immediately at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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