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Little People UK have developed a video to raise awareness of the attention people with dwarfism, and disablities face in everyday situtations. 

People with disabilities, in particular those with dwarfism, encounter looks and stares from people, it's human nature. Children in particular find little people fascinating, often reacting quite vocally. Out of embarrassment, parents try to defuse the situation, but this isn't always in a positive way, which then makes children 'scared' of people who are different. When they only wanted to be treat like everyone else.

Little People UK would like to raise awareness and help people initiate a conversation instead of just staring.

West Lodge

On Saturday 21st October members of Little People UK and Dwarf Sports Association UK visited West Lodge Farm to raise awareness of people with dwarfism.

Dance a thon

Huge thank you to Jemma Hart and pupils at St Peter In Thanet Junior School, Broadstairs, for raising over £2000 for Little People UK and Dwarf Sports Association UK at their 12 hour Dance-a-thon last week, during Dwarfism Awareness Month.

AllocateLPUK members had a great time today at the Allocate conference, with healthcare professionals and care organisations, helping raise the profile of LPUK.

LPUK president Warwick Davis gave an excellent address to attendees about his life and career, including how healthcare has helped him and his family through several periods of their life. 

Other LPUK representatives were then given the opportunity to speak with delegates at the conference, handing out our charity leaflets and giving a brief introduction to Little People UK and its members. 

It was a great opportunity to raise the profile of LPUK, informing healthcare professionals and raising awareness of dwarfism. 


We are a group of 8 friends in West Wales who share a love of "classic"cars and a desire to raise some money and an awareness for a couple of causes that are near to our hearts for various reasons.

West Rural Lodge

LPUK and DSAuk members will be at West Rural Lodge, Kettering, NN14 2SH on Saturday 21st October 2017 - 10am until 4pm, to raise awareness of dwarfism. Feel free to join us and help raise awareness! Huge thank you to Dawn Hinton for arranging this and thank you to Maureen Dee and family for allowing us to use West Rural Lodge for this great cause. 

Lions Club Ivy BridgeWith the help of LPUK member Andy Moyes, The Lions Club of Ivybridge are holding a charity auction on Saturday 21st October 2017 at the Watermark Centre, Ivybridge, starting from 7:30pm, with all money raised going to Little People UK.  

If you would like to attend; tickets are available for £5, which gives you entry to the event, entertaintment, plus pizza and chips. The auction and raffle will also take place during the evening.

Huge thank you to Andy and all those at The Lions Club for arranging this event for LPUK. 

This Friday LPUK member Jemma Hart is holding a dance-a-thon to raise funds for LPUK and DSAuk. To donate, please visit her gofundme page.

Mr Crawford Ray and George

Huge well done and thank you to Mr Crawford who complete the Perkins Great Eastern Run in a fantastic 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

He has so far raised a fantastic £260. You can still sponsor him for his fantastic feat by visiting his JustGiving page.

Mr Crawford and Warwick

If anyone is around in Peterbough this weekend please support Mr Crawford, who is running the Perkins Great Eastern Run, to raise funds for Little People UK.


Little People UK have been approached to offer our members the opportunity of partaking in a piece of research. If you would like to participate, please see the link below. Where you can also find details of those undertaking the research. 

Survey on Sexual Health Concerns. 

Developed by Brian Zamboni (PhD) at University of Minnesota Medical School. If you have any questions, please contact Brian Zamboni - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This anonymous survey is being used to gather information about sexual health concerns, body image, depression and anxiety. 

IDLSummit logo


Last weekend representatives from LPUK attended the 2016 International Dwarfism Leadership Summit, in Berlin, along with fellow dwarfism leaders from around the world. To talk about a wide variety of issues associated with dwarfism, and running organisations in their own country. 

There were representatives from over 20 countries, with attendees travelling from as far as Australia and New Zealand. Representing LPUK were: Warwick Davis (President), Sam Davis (Chairperson), Penny Dean (Adoption co-ordinator) and Rebecca Nuttall (Charity Administrator).

Today, people with dwarfism and organizations around the world that support Little People and their families raise our hands to celebrate October 25 as International Dwarfism Awareness Day. In all countries, people with dwarfism still face social and physical barriers that stand in the way of choices and opportunities. On October 25, Little People unite together to promote dwarfism awareness and pride in order to challenge those barriers, and to assert our right to self-determination and independence.

Happy International Dwarfism Awareness Day!

LPUK have created an image with this statement, so you can share online...


You can share our video too... 

And you can also add this Twibbon to Social Media profile pictures to show your support... 

Thank you.

As part of the International Leadership Dwarfism Summit in Berlin last weekend, all of the groups agreed to support World Dwarfism Awareness Day on 25th October. For our contribution we have made a video.

We would like everyone to share this video on: Tuesday 25th October, 2016. 

You can also add this Twibbon to your social media profile pictures to show your support.


Thank you for your support,
Little People UK.

Fundraising logo

A huge thank to you LPUK supporters Lewis Bourne and Talia Lee-Skudder, along with committee member Dawn Hinton for undertaking challenges last weekend to raise funds and awareness for LPUK. And also long time members of LPUK - The Dee family, who climbed Ben Nevis a few weeks ago. 


Delegates from Little People UK were honoured to take part in the 'International Dwarfism Leadership Summit' in Berlin this last weekend. Representing LPUK were, Samantha Davis (Chairperson), Warwick Davis (President), Rebecca Nuttall (Administrator) and Penny Dean (Adoption Co-ordinator). LPUK shared information on what contributes to it's success as an organisation whilst also learning from other support groups about their best practices, and how we can apply them to improve LPUK even further. 

It was a privilege to meet representatives from other dwarfism groups from around the world to discuss pertinent issues in the LP community, and how we can work together in the future to offer medical and social support, and make the world an even better place for people with dwarfism.

A huge thank you to Little People of America (LPA) for organising such a fantastic weekend, and of course Berlin for hosting it. We at LPUK look forward to working as a coalition to make improvements for the future of people with dwarfism. 


A great weekend was had by all at the DSAuk Boccia and Badminton tournament, last weekend, with many LPUK members taking part. 

The Boccia and Badminton tournament is a weekend full of sporting competition and showcases the very best of the nations dwarf athletes in both Boccia and Badminton. With competitors participating as Singles, Doubles or Teams, in the different age categories; Junior to Masters, each one aiming for gold. 

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