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medical panel

Over the past few years Little People UK have been delighted to welcome a number of medical professionals at our convention for our Medical Panel. These Medical Panels are proving popular year on year, and growing to include professionals from a wide range of specialities with regards to the various forms of dwarfism. 

At the 5th Annual Convention we recorded the Medical Panel, to allow us to share this with members who were not able to attend. Here we have all of the recordings of discussions which took place.


Introduction to the Medical Panel

An introduction to the Little People UK 5th Annual Convention Medical Panel, in 2016. Each panel member outlines their area of knowledge of how they can provide information to people with dwarfism. 

Health and wellbeing for people with dwarfism: 

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, maybe particularly in important to people with dwarfism due to some issues that 'may' occur in later life, here are some of the questions posed by people with dwarfism regarding exercise, mobility, weight gain and sports. 

Exercise, weight gain and maintaining mobility - 

Is using a treadmill good exercise for people with dwarfism?

Weight gain for people with dwarfism

Maintaining mobility for people with dwarfism

Children using wheelchairs

Sports for people with dwarfism - Dwarf Sports Association UK

The importance of keeping hydrated 

Procedures for people with dwarfism: 

Scanning - 

Do different head/neck positions help when scanning someone with dwarfism using MRI?

Is an upright scan better for people with dwarfism?

Blood pressure - 

What is the best method for meausring the blood pressure of a person (adult) with dwarfism?

Anaesthetic and intubation - 

What is the correct dosage of anaesthetic for a person with dwarfism?

Is there anything to be concerned about regarding intubating a person with dwarfism?

Health 'issues' for people with dwarfism: 

There are a wide variety of health 'issues' which may occur for a person with dwarfism and each type of dwarfism may be affected differently. Below are some of the questions posed regarding the spine, eyes, sleeping etc. 

Brief description of the spine

Signs of sleep apnoea

Could cancer be a factor for people with dwarfism?

Could heart conditions be a factor for people with dwarfism? 

Could Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome be a factor for people with dwarfism?

How can my type of dwarfism be diagnosed?

Retinal detachment (particularly in SEDc)

Is the jaw size of a person with dwarfism (particularly someone with Achondroplasia) different to the average?

Should my child have an MRI scan?

My child has a tongue thrust, is this someone which I should worry about?

Thanks to the Medical Panel 

Huge thank you to all of the medical professionals who have taken part in the Little People UK 5th Annual Convention Medical Panel. 


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