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LPUK Awards Logo FinalAt this years convention Little People UK held the inaugural Positively Unique Awards, where we celebrated the achievements of members of Little People UK! 

This was kindly sponsored by Jay Moyes. 

We asked for nominees in three age categories - 

  • 0 -11 years
  • 12-18 years 
  • 19+ years

We asked that each application must show why the person nominated is Positively Unique; applications were open to people with dwarfism AND average height members of LPUK.

The nominations were sent, anonymously, to the LPUK committee for voting and a winner from each category decided.

The winners were... 


0-11 Category 

Winner: Ethan Backhurst

Ethan Backhurst

Application: My son underwent major spinal surgery in June of this year, he had an Osteotomy, a very massive correction through a single vertebrae with a very short fusion. It’s the first major surgery that he has been through and he has coped with it absolutely amazingly. Two days after the operation he was able to sit with the aid of physiotherapy. Three days after surgery he was able to stand. Four days after surgery he walked for the first time, and even managed to climb a set of stairs. By week three he was able to attend school again. Even if it was just the odd hour here and there. His determination and positive attitude has been carried throughout. He has spent the whole of the six week holidays in full body plaster cast, only having it removed the day before the convention. (Fingers crossed). This has made the holiday an extremely long, hot, sweaty boring one for him. Not once has he moaned, he has continued to smile and laugh even in pain. 


12-18 Category

Winner: Caitlyn Hellyer

Caitlyn Hellyer

Application: I would like to nominate this person for the LPUK Positively Unique award, as they have worked hard throughout the year during school, recently completing their exams and during the summer holidays they have had a large operation to straighten their leg. Only a few weeks after the operation they are now standing, walking unaided and continuing to make progress. Throughout this time they have maintained their positivity and humour in the situation. 


19+ Category

Winner: Kay Kelly

Kay Kelly

Application: I would like to nominate someone for the LPUK award, for her support of LPUK and continued drive for raising funds, to help those who need support and advice. She has for the past 2 years been inventive and enthusiastic in her fundraising skills and in bringing awareness of LPUK to a wider audience.

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