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'Small Steps to Great Things’ A Monthly LPUK News Update


We firstly want to offer our congratulations to everyone who has started school, transferred to secondary school, prepared for University and also anyone who has taken on a new challenge in September. Well done!

September was also a new experience for LPUK, where we attended our first Rare Disease Summit in Cambridgeshire. We met a great number of people from medical professionals, charity partners and Public Health England to name a few, all are great connections to help LPUK move forward and continue to support our members.



LPUK delegates once again attended WizCon in Peterborough, where we were able to raise awareness of people with dwarfism within the community. This was followed by a meeting with Peterborough Disability Forum, where we work with others within the community to speak to commissioners to improve physical access and social support for people with dwarfism, and other disabilities.

If you have any information to input into the next monthly newsletter, please get in touch via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 WizCon small 


Once again we've had some great fundraising from our members, here are a few names to mention: 

- Danielle Webb held a Family Fun Day, to raise awareness and funds for LPUK, along with 2 other charities. The day was a huge success with lots of people attending, and everyone had a great time!

- Jayne Ansell and her dad organised a golf tournament event to raise funds for LPUK. LPUK President Warwick Davis and Vice Chair Raymond Griffiths were also in attendance, trying their hand at some putting!

Thank you to everyone who takes their time and effort to support Little People UK.

If you are interested in fundraising for LPUK, or would like to be recognised in our next newsletter, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with information and we can do this.

Jayne Ansell 

On a final note, check out LPUK's feature with The Speakmans on This Morning. Once again a huge thank you to The Speakmans and This Morning, along with the fantastic volunteers who participated in this feature, we really appreciate your support.


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