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Last weekend representatives from LPUK attended the 2016 International Dwarfism Leadership Summit, in Berlin, along with fellow dwarfism leaders from around the world. To talk about a wide variety of issues associated with dwarfism, and running organisations in their own country. 

There were representatives from over 20 countries, with attendees travelling from as far as Australia and New Zealand. Representing LPUK were: Warwick Davis (President), Sam Davis (Chairperson), Penny Dean (Adoption co-ordinator) and Rebecca Nuttall (Charity Administrator).

Today, people with dwarfism and organizations around the world that support Little People and their families raise our hands to celebrate October 25 as International Dwarfism Awareness Day. In all countries, people with dwarfism still face social and physical barriers that stand in the way of choices and opportunities. On October 25, Little People unite together to promote dwarfism awareness and pride in order to challenge those barriers, and to assert our right to self-determination and independence.

Happy International Dwarfism Awareness Day!

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As part of the International Leadership Dwarfism Summit in Berlin last weekend, all of the groups agreed to support World Dwarfism Awareness Day on 25th October. For our contribution we have made a video.

We would like everyone to share this video on: Tuesday 25th October, 2016. 

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A huge thank to you LPUK supporters Lewis Bourne and Talia Lee-Skudder, along with committee member Dawn Hinton for undertaking challenges last weekend to raise funds and awareness for LPUK. And also long time members of LPUK - The Dee family, who climbed Ben Nevis a few weeks ago. 


Delegates from Little People UK were honoured to take part in the 'International Dwarfism Leadership Summit' in Berlin this last weekend. Representing LPUK were, Samantha Davis (Chairperson), Warwick Davis (President), Rebecca Nuttall (Administrator) and Penny Dean (Adoption Co-ordinator). LPUK shared information on what contributes to it's success as an organisation whilst also learning from other support groups about their best practices, and how we can apply them to improve LPUK even further. 

It was a privilege to meet representatives from other dwarfism groups from around the world to discuss pertinent issues in the LP community, and how we can work together in the future to offer medical and social support, and make the world an even better place for people with dwarfism.

A huge thank you to Little People of America (LPA) for organising such a fantastic weekend, and of course Berlin for hosting it. We at LPUK look forward to working as a coalition to make improvements for the future of people with dwarfism. 

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