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A huge thank you once again to Peterborough United Football Club for allowing LPUK to raise funds at their match on Saturday, at the ABAX stadium. 

Sledging 1lea green

A great time was had by everyone who attended the two Little People UK 5th Birthday Celebrations this year. Thanks to everyone who came, we look forward to seeing you for next years event and celebrating 6 years of LPUK!

This year LPUK celebrated a little differently, by holding two events in two different areas of the country. One was in Milton Keynes, and another at Lea Green Outdoor Activity Centre, in Derbyshire.

Little People UK are excited to announce our Murder Mystery Night! 

Murder Mystery

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We are research members of the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Science of the University of Birmingham and we are exploring the promotion of exercise among disabled people, in particular those who are currently not doing any exercise but who would like to become active.

Exercise can provide many physical and mental benefits, regardless whether one is disabled or not. Arguably, exercise is even more important for people with disabilities as it may help with their daily living.

Unfortunately, many disabled people experience barriers to becoming physically active, such as not knowing what adapted activities they could do or where to find them. This is where we hope to make a difference. Through our research, we hope to identify strategies that can successfully help promote exercise among disabled people and in turn improve their physical and even mental health.

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Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS) has done some work with a company called 'TryB4UFly' and we are excited about this upcoming event.  

Tryb4ufly and Edinburgh Airport are hosting an event about flying with a disability at the Hilton Hotel, Edinburgh Airport on Friday 3rd February.

The event is open to all disabled people and their families (as well as staff/carers), who wish to find out more about air travel assistance and the experience of flying, and there is the opportunity to meet experts and even try out seating in a replica cabin.

There are instructions on how to register on the flyer here.

More details on CHAS and Tryb4ufly can be found below: 


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