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A huge thank you to Mo and Ed Dee at West Lodge Rural Farm for a fantastic camping weekend! 

Everyone had a great time having the opportunity to look around the farm, learn about the animals, tractor rides, eating pizza, toasting marshmallows and catching up with friends. 

We look forward to the next time! 


Amazon Prime Day starts Monday 15th July, if you are planning on checking out the deals for this day, don't forget to buy through Amazon Smile, which LPUK is registered for. 

This means that a percentage of your payments will be donated to LPUK...

You can register for Amazon Smile here - https://smile.amazon.co.uk

Amazon Prime

Little People UK have recently received messages from members of the dwarfism community regarding comments made as part of a stand up show 'Terribly Funny’. This comment being - “Is a dwarf an abortion that made it?” 

We are saddened that in 2019 we have to deal with such prejudice to the dwarfism community (and other minority groups) in a time where we all strive to live equal lives and celebrate diversity without fear of humiliation or preconception. 

Comments such as this are offensive to people with dwarfism and are incredibly detrimental to their wellbeing. People with dwarfism simply want to live their lives just like everyone else; going to school, shopping, walking down the street and going to work, sometimes in highly respected professions. To potentially hear a member of the public repeat such a comment, after seeing a stand up show, can affect them for their entire life. This causes unnecessary distress and anxiety through no fault of the person with dwarfism, simply because they have a genetic difference. 

Additionally, we consider the parents of people with dwarfism (with 80% of people with dwarfism born to average height parents as the result of a spontaneous genetic mutation). Anyone can have a child with dwarfism. For parents, particularly new parents, to hear such ‘jokes’ about their child can have long lasting effects. 

We strongly urge reconsideration of using people with dwarfism as the subject of jokes. We appreciate comedy is a matter of personal opinion, however in 2019, people with dwarfism should not have to live with the consequences of being the subject of someone else's humour.

LPUK shirt

Natalie Dicks is undertaking the Lakeland 50 miles for LPUK, here's what she has said - 

Can’t wait to wear this vest! 

I have signed up to the Lakeland 50 (50 mile trail run) in July to raise awareness and hopefully some funds for Little People UK. To help support them as they have our family.

Raise Funds to Raise Awareness

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