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Little People UK (LPUK) have purchased and received (through kind donation) a variety of different equipment which may be beneficial for a person with dwarfism, with the intention of loaning these to members on a temporary basis.

There is a limited number of pieces of equipment available, and where necessary LPUK will operate a waiting list system for those who wish to take equipment on loan.

LPUK would hope that during the equipment loan period, borrowers would begin to save the amount required to purchase a similar piece of equipment for permanent use, allowing LPUK to offer that equipment to another member. 

If you require a loan of equipment through LPUK's Equipment Loan Scheme, please see the Equipment Loan Scheme guidebook. Returning relevant pages to Little People UK. 

Equipment will be loaned over a 12 month period, and we have a number of different tariffs, to ensure we can provide equipment for all: 

  • £10 per year, for items 0 - £100
  • £25 per year, for items £101 - £500
  • £50 per year, for items £501 and above

After your 12 month period is complete equipment will be returned to LPUK, either to be loaned by the next person on the reserve list, or if no one is on the reserve list you can reapply for a second term. 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



Equipment Loan Scheme
Little People UK
PO Box 1292



07925 893 398


To view equipment available on the LPUK Equipment Loan Scheme, please visit our Equipment Loan Scheme Directory page. 


You must be a member of Little People UK to take advantage of the LPUK Equipment Loan Scheme, if you are not a member of Little People UK, please visit our membership section of the website for more information and to sign up. 

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