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There is a wide range of financial help and advice from a number of different charities and organisations, see below for some of these. 



Wheelchair services – voucher for mothercare, may offer McClaren pushcair, but these are not suitable for people with dwarfism. Explain circumstances and they will offer voucher. 


Family Fund

This fund can be accessed by families who have a child with a disability up to the age of 18. This fund is means tested but you may be able to receive help with holidays, washers/dryers. For more information, visit the website here



This is a Disability Benefit, which families can access if you have a child with a disability up to the age of 16. Once the child becomes 16 the allowance goes to the child. You may be able to access help with mobility and help with personal care. Under the new system DLA has been replaced by PIPs. This is much harder to get and it is suggested that you enlist the help of your local Welfare Rights Officer who will help you through the process of the application. Anyone that is refused these benefits should appeal and get the help of the Welfare Rights Officer. 

To answer some of the most common questions throughout the transition of DLA to PIPs we are building an FAQ section



Motability is where you can give up your Disability Living Alloweance/PIPs (or some components of it) to be able to get a new car. You must be receiving your benefit for 3 years or more to have a car. All information regarding motability can be found online. Disabled people who receive DLA/PIPs can learn to drive at 16. In some circumstances Motability will pay for all driving lessons and test and motorway lessons also they will help with any adaptations needed to the car. Make sure you contact Motability first to find out what help you are entitled to. 


Regional Driving Assessment Centre (RDAC)

The aim of the RDAC is to help older and disabled people achieve a better quality of life by helping them to maintain or regain independent mobility as drivers and passengers. Our primary function is driving assessment and we want to offer practical advice on equipment and adaptations, and retraining which will enable people to drive safely and comfortably. Further information can be found on their website


Free Car Tax

In some circumestances people who are receiving the Attendance Allowance can receive free car tax. You need to apply to your local DVLA, further information can be found on their website


Blue Badges

If you have full rate DLA/PIPS then you are automatically entitled to a blue badge. If you do not have any benefit, you can still get one from your local council but you must fill out an in-depth form and have your doctor sign it. Click here for more information. 


Care Allowance 

If someone who is looking after a person who receives DLA or PIPs you may be entitled to receive weekly care allowance. If you are working you can only earn up to £110 per week and still receive this allowance. The form is very simple to fill in contact your local carers office for more information. 



For those who are claiming unemployment make sure you have added the disability premium on to your benfits. 


M6 Toll Pass

For those using the Toll regularly you can apply for a Toll Pass for disabled cars it costs £15 for three years and saves you a considerable amount of money. This can be done online. 


Cinema Pass

For those visiting the Cinema often it is worthwhile getting a Cinema Pass, it saves you a lot of money and the person with you goes in as your carer. This can be done online



Those travelling on the trains will benefit from a Disabled Rail Card, which allows you to travel at reduced rate and if someone is with you they go at the same rate. 

In Euston Station now virgin are running a help system whereby if they see a disavled person they kindly upgrade you to first class! 


Council Tax

If you are in receipt of DLA/PIPs and have a downstairs toilet, or any adaptions you can get banded a band lower while you are living in your house. (this is for people that have a mortgage or own their own house) A simple form to fill in. Contact your local council and ask for a Disability Council Tax Reduction


Disabled Students Allowance

As a higher education student living in England, you can apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) if you have a disability, including a:

  • long-term health condition
  • mental health condition
  • specific learning difficulty, eg dyslexia

You must meet the definition of disability under the Equality Act 2010.

The support you get depends on your individual needs and not on income.


Disabled Living Foundation 

DLF is a national charity providing impartial advice, information and training on independent living since 1969. It is a founder member of the Information Standard, a certification scheme for health and social care information.

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