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Over the next 12 months Little People UK are developing a new membership system, which will run more smoothly, enable us to better monitor membership and be more user friendly.
For that reason, from today, we are going to suspend membership until 2022. This means that the membership system (new or renewal) will not be available. To cancel any future memberships (i.e. those undertaken by automatic renewal), please see the information below on how to do this, via PayPal. Unfortunately LPUK can not do this for you, therefore you will be required to do this yourself. If you need guidance, please let us know.
We will roll out our new membership system in 2022, at which point everyone will have to sign up again for membership. We will release details of this closer to the time, once the new system has been developed.
Suspension of the membership system does not prevent you from accessing any of LPUK’s support i.e. emails, virtual sessions, social media and where possible in the current climate, events. All of these will still be open to people with dwarfism, their family and friends, just get in touch.
We will continue to send out our monthly newsletter to all current members, if you would like to be added to this mailing list, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Thank you,
Little People UK
Cancelling via PayPal (only for anyone with automatic renewal)
- Login to PayPal (www.paypal.com)
- Click on the cog icon on the upper right-hand corner of your screen to go to the settings page. 
- From the menu bar, click on Payments.
- Under Automatic payments, click Manage automatic payments. 
- Under Automatic Payments (on the left-hand side of your screen), look for Little People UK
- Next to Status, you will see, in green the word ACTIVE.
- Click the Cancel button next to it to cancel your subscription.
Recently pharmaceutical companies made significant development in producing treatments for certain dwarfism conditions. As a charity we are not in a position to recommend or endorse any treatment that aims to cure dwarfism or change the physical appearance of people. This is a matter for individual choice.  
It is important that the charity continues to remain aware and informed about all medical developments, particularly where there may be improvement in the more debilitating outcomes of conditions, such as spinal stenosis and sleep apnoea.     
Little People UK have been monitoring the trials for Vosoritide. A treatment for Achondroplasia by BioMarin. We are aware that there are long term studies within the BioMarin trials which may suggest that Vosoritide could help with medical issues such as stenosis and foreman magnum, however this is yet to be proven and we will await the results of such trials. BioMarin specifies that the treatment is designed for children. We strongly encourage any interested members to seek all medical advice available, to make a fully informed decision if any treatments are proposed to them.
We have more recently made aware of other treatments being developed for people with Achondroplasia and for people with Spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia. We are not able to offer more information at the moment.
We must stress that we support our members and other members of the dwarfism community with whatever decision they make, it is our ethos not to exclude anyone, regardless, and we hope everyone within the LPUK membership will take this on board, treating everyone with respect and passing no judgement.
As a charity we promote and celebrate people with dwarfism, and we aim to show that people with dwarfism can live long and fulfilled lives. We will continue to do this whilst supporting everyone within the dwarfism community and we strive to show that being of shorter stature is a positive.
Travel Feb
This February we are starting a new Zoom session, where we talk all things travel with Belinda, Emma, Charlie and Rebecca.
We will be talking about our experiences of travelling and sharing any tips we have, whilst also gathering information from each other too - we hope to create a hints and tips sheet we can add to our website.
The first session will be on Monday 22nd February at 6pm and we will be talking about adapting cars, trains and buses.
If you would like to join, or want more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cooking poster JAN

This January we are starting a new Zoom session, virtual cooking, where Simeon Dyer will be making a different meal each month, which you can either follow along with or watch for future reference.
The first session will be on Monday 25th January at 5pm, and the dish to be cooked this month is Spaghetti Bolognese.
If you would like to join, or want more information (including the recipe) please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Echo Base 5

The Little People UK Committee would like to offer a huge thank you to Echo Base Live UK, a Star Wars Collectables Trading Group on Facebook who have very kindly supported LPUK this year and raised over £26,000. 

This has been LPUK’s main source of funding over the past 12 months, sadly (but understandably) during the COVID19 pandemic we have lost most of our fundraising activities, this puts a strain on charities, including LPUK, with regards to continuing our ongoing work of supporting our members.

Because of their generosity we have managed to hold lots of online events since March, which have helped our members, some of whom are shielding, keep in touch. This is extremely beneficial, considering we have had to postpone all of our face-to-face events for the near future. Their efforts and fundraising has really given us a boost and is allowing us to continue our work during this uncertain time.

Thank you, 

From everyone at Little People UK.


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